Casual Leave rules

Casual Leave rules for central civil services leave rules are taken from Swamy’s Handbook. Casual Leave rules describe about the rules of Casual leave, Entitlement, Half-day’s Casual Leave and most popular question based on CL.

Casual Leave rules

Casual Leave rules:-

Casual Leave is not a recognized form of leave and is not subject to any rule made by the Government of India. An official on Casual Leave is not treated as absent from duty and pay is not intermitted.

  1. Casual Leave can be combined with Special Casual Leave/ Vacation but not with any other kind of leave.
  2. It cannot be combined with joining time.
  3. Sundays and Holidays falling during a period of Casual Leave are not counted as part of Casual Leave.
  4. Sundays/ public holidays/ restricted holidays/ weekly offs can be prefixed/ suffixed to Casual Leave.
  5. Casual Leave can be taken while on tour, but no daily allowance will be admissible for the period.
  6. Casual Leave can be taken for half-day also.
  7. LTC can be availed during Casual Leave.

Entitlement (per calendar year) –

(a) For those entitled to 17 holidays. – 8 days – For employees with disabilities, additional 4 days as Special Casual Leave for specific requirements relating to the disability of the official.

(b) For those not entitled to 17 holidays. – 10 dyas.

9. The entitlement of casual leave as per Para. 9 above is also admissible to the industrial and non-industrial employees of all Army DTES at par with other employees of MoD.

10. Individuals appointed and joining duty during the middle of a year may avail of Casual Leave proportionately or to the full extent at the discretion of the Competent Authority.

Half-day’s Casual Leave. –

Government servants who have got some urgent work but do not require one day’s leave can avail of half-day’s Casual Leave. The dividing line will be the lunch break. If the leave is for the forenoon, the official can attend office immediately after the lunch break and if it is for the afternoon, can leave office at the commencement of the lunch break.

Late attendance. –

Half-day’s Casual Leave should be ebited to the Casual Leave account for each late attendance. However, late attendance up to an hour for not more than two occasions in a month can be condoned by the Competent Authority, if convinced that it is due to unavoidable reasons.

Disciplinary Action. –

In cases where even debiting half-days’s Casual Leave does not ensure punctual attendance of the official, disciplinary action can be taken in addition to debiting half-day’s Casual Leave.

Most popular question based on Casual Leave :-

Q1. How many casual leave can I take at once?


Casual Leave can be taken for short periods. It should not normally be granted for more than 5 days at any one time, except under special circumstances.
Q2. Does casual leave need approval?

Prior permission is required to be obtained from the employee before availing such leave.

Q3. Can casual leave be denied?

The behaviour of  an employee validates whether he/she is utilizing leave for genuine reasons or not. the Competent Authority can legitimately refuse to grant casual leave to an erring employee if he/she habitually resorts to it to abstain from duties without notice.
Q4. Can we take CL after El?
Combining with EL. – Officials who have got only half-day’s Casual Leave at credit, when applying for half-day’s Casual Leave for the afternoon of a day should ensure that they attend office the next day, since Casual Leave cannot be combined with Earned Leave. However, if due to sickness or other compelling grounds, he is not able to attend the next day, combining with Earned Leave can be permitted as an exception. Officials who have already applied for and got sanctioned the leave due and admissible from a particular day, should not be granted half-day’s Casual Leave for the previous afternoon.
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